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Each pallet covers 400 square feet and has about 150 pieces
Ave Maria and Clewiston Locations are sand based. Moorehaven location is muck based.
Can I buy the sod straight from the farm?

We ask you to check with your local landscapers, as most of them offer sod installation.

Existing lawn should be eradicated making sure soil is level and healthy before laying new sod. New sod should be installed on bare soil, with no plant matter or debris between the sod and soil.

The first step is to check sprinkler coverage. Second step would be to sift through the turf’s thatch layer for pests like sod webworms or chinch bugs on St. Augustine varieties. If present then treat with approved labeled insecticide (We recommend referencing the pests mentioned using Google to identify proper insecticide). Lastly, treat with broad spectrum approved labeled fungicide if disease is suspected (Grey leaf spot or large patch, reference both diseases using Google to identify).

In spring and summer rooting should begin within the first week after installation on St Augustine varieties. The seams between pieces should disappear within 30-45 days. In the fall and winter it may take two to three times as long.