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Collier Family Farms is a family owned and operated agribusiness located in Southwest Florida. With roots tracing back over 100 years to one of Florida’s founding families, Collier Family Farms’ offerings include growing, brokering, leasing and sales.


Barron Gift Collier came to Southwest Florida in the early 1900s after enjoying entrepreneurial success in streetcar advertising in New York. He began investing in land throughout the area and quickly amassed more than one million acres making him one of the largest private landowners in Florida. His earliest agriculture endeavor was growing and selling Florida seedless grapefruit from Deep Lake Grove, named after the deepest lake south of Lake Okeechobee.

The Collier family agribusiness grew throughout the decades with Barron Collier Companies becoming the largest distributor of oranges to Tropicana during the 1990s and early 2000s. With the addition Silver Strand Sod to the company portfolio in 2020, Collier Family Farms is now recognized as one of the most diverse agribusinesses in Florida.

Today, Collier Family Farms enjoys several styles of farming as well as leasing opportunities to independent growers.

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